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Rising Sun Asian Pop Culture Association

The purpose of the Rising Sun Asian Pop Culture Association is to appreciate and share the love of Asian pop culture and media. Rising Sun activities consist of playing Asian-authentic games, making Asian delicacies, learning about how special holidays are spent and much more. This club's main goal is to have fun while expanding their love of Asian cultures.

President/Founder: Cydelyn R.
Vice President: Karizma C.
Treasurer: Lorraine M. & Payal P.
Secretary: Elizabeth P.
Photographer: Ryan G.
Sep 22 '10

Thank you all who came to the initial meeting! <3

Back again with this week’s update! Meeting zero went relatively well and we, as your noob-tastic staff, were delighted with all the new and old faces! As most of you have (or have not) seen in the hallways (the school has like three) and on bungalows the CLUB FAIR is this Friday! Sadly there is no club meeting this week, BUT your staff will be at the boothy-booth specified for Rising Sun: APCA! :) Come by and say hello! Or stay longer and help us out! Your choice, but as we explained in meeting zero, those who help out at club fair get STAMPS. :D

Hope to catch your eyeballs <3,

That one girl who’s the secretary that types this in the name of the staff and JUSTICE. (Naomi Hernandez)

Sep 11 '10


Hope you all had a fantasmical summer! :D The Rising Sun: APCA is back and kicking with a new school year. The noobie (and very eager) staff is pleased to announce that the first official club meeting of the year is Friday the September 17th! In a change of scenery, we are happy to announce that meetings will now take place in the original home of Rising sun: Room 407. AKA: Ms. Bartels room. If you are unsure where that is, go to last years clubroom and then take a sharp left and instead go into through the door directly across from it. :D

We kindly request that you recruit and/or invite any friends, acquaintances, known associates, freshmen you threw in the dumpster, etc etc. to come if you believe that they would be interested. Rising sun will be hotter than the Afternoon Sun this year! /shot for lame. Anyways we look forward to seeing you there! :D

With love that burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns,

                                  -Naomi H. (that Secretary girl)

Jun 8 '10

Announcement for June 11th

Hi everyone!
Can you believe it? This will be the last announcement of the school year for Rising Sun. But don’t fret! Our new staff is going to continue the club next school year. Congrats to …

president; maggie kam
VP; yvie tsui
secretary; naomi hernandez
treasurer; clarissa garcia
historian; jaimie aurelio
videoman; brandon tran

For our last meeting we have a bunch of things going on. We’re going to end the year with a bang~

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl
We plan to finish the rest of the tournament. Good luck to everyone during the finale. Fiiight!

Remember those stamps you collected The more stamps you have, the better the prize you will be raffled into. Details will be explained during the club.

To those who said they were going to bring items, please do not forget them! If you don’t want to carry everything throughout the day you can bring them to Ms.Mohil’s room in the morning and leave them there. Thank you in advance for participating~

May 20 '10

Change of plans and a plus.

Speeches and voting will be held next week instead of this week. Future staff, take advantage of this time to make your speeches shine!

This week we shall start our tournament and create a sign up sheet for potlucks. How nyummy~

New! RisingSun now has a facebook. Find us by searching: rising sun apcaThis will be the account we will us for next year. Add us!

May 18 '10

Attention with a smile

We suggest that everyone check their e-mails.
Some members have received e-mails concerning the elections and their positions.
If these members do not reply by May 20th 5 pm, we will assume they are not interested in the position.

May 12 '10

Week of May 14

Hey there everyone.

Sorry about the lack of communication. Here are this week’s announcements.

For people who just want to know what’s up.
• Elections - If you are interested in a position place read everything under elections. Keep in mind that all positions require a short speech that will be presented next week. If you have any questions about the positions I ask that you wait until Friday so they can be properly answered.

• DDR - An introduction sample of video game will be featured by DDR. Club members are able to play and take turns for the remaining part of the meeting.

• Remaining Club Days - Cydelyn will discuss about the remaining club days and plans. It will be consisted of video games, tournaments, and a potluck.

As Cydelyn mentioned last week, we will be holding elections.
Below are descriptions of each title (Via Lorraine Martinez) along with characteristics we are looking for. Don’t have that characteristic? It’s perfectly fine. As long as you’re determined to gain those characteristics we approve. Don’t be discouraged!

• You get something to brag about on your college application :D
• You’ll gain a new experience. Level up!
• Privileges: Use them for good, not evil.
• You won’t be alone! If you need help you are welcome to get some assistance with some of  the 09-10 staff.

The president leads the club and coordinates the schedule.
 He / she also gives the other officers tasks to perform, and also acts as a public relations director by talking and organizing meetings with the club advisor and also getting guests.    
Characteristics we’re looking for:
Strong voice - Not a yelling voice, but a strong voice. A voice that can get attention from our happy members :D
Creativity - You should have the ability to create ideas and plans for the club.
Organization - It is suggested to keep a calender with all the events for the year. The more organization the better.
Leadership - You need to be able to keep the club on track, making sure that everyone behaves accordingly.
Other - You will be given password to all rising sun accounts to maintain. Includes: Facebook, Yahoo e-mail, Tumblr, Formspring, and Youtube.

The vice president takes charge of the club when the president is unable to lead.
He / she can also plan club meetings and sometimes gives lectures to the club.    
Characteristics we’re looking for:
Creativity - As VP, you will be helping the president plan meetings. You are expected to have some ideas to contribute.
Prepared - The president can ask you to fill in for them at anytime. Make sure you know what’s happening.
Time Management - As VP you must meet on-time deadlines and perform actions that is essential to the club meetings
Other - You will be given password to all rising sun accounts to maintain. Includes: Facebook, Yahoo e-mail, Tumblr, Formspring, and Youtube.

The secretary is in charge of the newsletter, attendance, applications, and hand outs.
He / she sends out a weekly newsletter, creates the attendance sheet and applications, and designs other hand outs, if needed.
Characteristics we’re looking for:
Organization - Must be prepared for a lot of alphabetizing. Papers are categorized.
Typing skills - It’s helpful. Trust me.
Decent grammer - don typ lyk this. Also make sure you know where your commas go *
Other - You will be given RisingSun’s Yahoo e-mail, Tumblr, Formspring .

The treasurer handles financial transactions.
He / she takes care of club fees (keeping track of the money in the club account, holding on to money) and reimburses funds spent on the club.
Characteristics we’re looking for:
Good with simple math: Know your numbers, addition and subtraction.
Organized/Good memory: If someone gives you money, you better remember where you put it/ that you got it/ where it goes/ etc.

The Historian takes pictures of the clubs events.
NEW! Next year, we are requiring the Historian maintains a public server where they will upload decent pictures (We don’t want to see pictures of the thumb covering the lens or blurry shots! xD ).Pictures can be edits if the historian chooses to do so. They don’t have to upload every single event just upload sometimes for the members to see.
Characteristics we’re looking for:
• You need to have a camera
• Other: Rising Sun’s Tumblr account will be provided for you to upload pictures

The cameraman does everything the historian does except with a camera.
NEW! Next year, we are requiring the Cameraman maintains the club’s Youtube account. They need to upload videos. It doesn’t have to be every single week but they are expected to upload some edited videos. (Edited = take out bad footage, shorten video)
Characteristics we’re looking for:
• You need to have some sort of recording device (Doesn’t mean you can use a cellphone. Most of them have horrible quality)
• Ability to edit + have some knowledge on how to upload
• Other: The Youtube account will be provided for you.

For all of the above we want people who are:

Motivated - If you’re not close to perfect, we want to see growth. Our staff wants to see that each new staff
Devoted - If you give up on the club. You fail. D: You know you want to win. So don’t give up and win!
Maturity with a hint of fun - This is serious business but we also want you to have fun while you’re at it. It’s okay to mess around but you should know when to stop.
Publicity - We don’t have a publicist position because the staff is in charge of getting the the word out. In the beginning of the year the staff is expected to create posters, plan stuff for the club fair, do what is needed to get new members.

Let’s Dee-Dee-Arr!
Show us your dance moves.. on a small electronic dance pad!
After elections information we will be experiencing some gaming.

Phew, that was a lot of information. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week. Bye now!~

* “I will now tell the Panda Story to illustrate the importance of the presence or the absence of a comma. This panda walked into a tea shop and ordered a salad and ate it. Then it pulled out a pistol, shot the man at the next table dead, and walked out. Everyone rushed after it, shouting, “Stop! Stop! Why did you do that?”

“Because I’m a panda,” said the panda. “That’s what pandas do. If you don’t believe me, look in the dictionary.”

So they looked in the dictionary and sure enough they found Panda: Raccoon-like animal of Asia. Eats shoots and leaves.

Apr 21 '10

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

Hello everyone.       
    Here’s what we have for this week’s announcement.

This weeks club activity
    Phew, with all this AP testing even I’m kinda busy. As Cydelyn said last week, we’re going to play games and get out of the learning system we were in. We’re bringing in Lady Gaga this week.

    Person: Really?

    No. D:
    But yes. :D
    You’ll be bringing in your cards. -cough- Stamps -cough-

That’s all folks~
Elizabeth Pham

Apr 7 '10

April 7th

Greetings Members,
     I hope you all had a wonderful break. Forgive me for making things short I have a lot of assignments to do tonight. :D … T___T

Welcome our new members: Jonathan G. and Maho (Maria) T.

This Friday we will be meeting in Mrs.Bartel’s class. It’s right across Ms.Mohil’s classroom.
Good job on Pokemon day.

Activity: Everyone will be doing their group presentations!

Elizabeth Pham

Mar 24 '10

Hey you, Pikachu! (newletter copy)

That’s right. The votes have been tallied up and we’re going to have a Pokemon Day for this week’s meeting. More information is coming right up~

Pokemon Day
Bring your old and new Pokemon games.
We’re letting everyone game as they like.

“I don’t have a Pokemon game.”
Don’t worry if you do. The staff has got you covered.

Meeting Schedule
[Next week] No meeting. Spring Break, yo.
You might see your lovely leader driving around Mira Mesa so don’t be afraid to ask her for a ride ;D! She’s going no where ‘cept Starbucks!

[Week after spring break]
We will be continuing group presentations. Be ready everyone~ If you have questions concerning groups or whatnot please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail with your question.

[Some week around the month of Finals]
Feel-like-a-Japanese-cramming for-exams Day;
We’re leaving our clubroom open for everyone to study. Meetings are not mandatory but we encourage everyone to take advantage of this time to either relax.. or cram like crazy! :D

Stamp it up!
The staff has decided that we will be stamping cards very soon. Here’s a reminder to have your cards with you at all times.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring break. As for me, I’m heading to Disneyland. >:3
Take care and remember, sign in with a dot or I’ll send goons after you. Just kidding.

Your secretary,
Elizabeth Pham


Mar 20 '10


 Hello everyone,

This post should have been made sooner, but to those interested in the photos from Rising Sun, here they are:   (1st set)     (2nd set)



* Some dates are missing photos, will fix that soon.